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We believe you deserve to enjoy this moment dedicated to your love - stress free

Weddings can be expensive, overwhelming, stressful...and completely wonderful. But we believe that your wedding should only be one of those things: wonderful. This is your day to celebrate a love that feels bigger than anything else in the world with your forever person. 



Imagine: you can feel your heartbeat so loudly that you’re sure everyone can hear it. It feels like every moment is rushing by and at the same time you feel frozen in time, like nothing can touch you. Your heart is full!


Too many times, logistics get in the way of that moment. 


Have you started to plan your DIY wedding and ended up down a rabbit hole of costly vendors? Or started enlisting family members and friends to handle everything from flowers to invites and your dress? Watching the costs add up quickly?


We get that!


In 2018, we thought we’d save money by DIYing our wedding at a friend’s farm. Little did we know that all the unexpected “little things” can quickly add up to a $60,000 bill.


Lucky you, because we’ve already bought all the things you need and put together all inclusive elopement and intimate wedding packages with no hidden costs.



You get to enjoy your day, soaking up the feeling of being adored and celebrating with your love. That is all you need to think about.


You are doing this once, so you are not expected to know the best photographers, florists, designers, or how to find that perfect picturesque location. Getting access to the best of everything usually takes an expensive wedding planner. Instead, we handle the details on a DIY bride’s budget.


Let us plan the details of your wedding while you plan your life!


Whistler Popup Elopements is perfect for couples with family far away and unlikely to be able to travel—you want the people at your ceremony to be meaningful, not paying $75 + per person for a catered dinner for plus ones you’ve never met. It’s an ideal solution for busy people with careers and lives that require their full attention. Or for a couple ready to elope with a beautiful ceremony.


Throughout it all, you know that you are getting the very best vendors, and we will curate something spectacular for you at a set price. This is your day! 


A gorgeous, intimate ceremony with romantic decorations, the officiant—everything set up for you. You can walk in and know that everything is taken care of: the flower, the timeline, your ride to and from your ceremony site, and even the un-sexy things like the paperwork and cleanup. All captured by one of Whistler’s top wedding photographers for you to cherish forever.  Just hold your person close and enjoy!


You bring the dress, we do the rest. 

You can choose from different proposal or elopement packages perfectly crafted and styled to suit your needs.

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